Project Pengyou’s mission is to empower and mobilize a new generation of US-China bridge-builders to serve, inspire and transform lives.

Conceived as the alumni network for President Obama’s 100,000 Strong Initiative, Project Pengyou is part of a growing national movement to dramatically increase the number and diversity of Americans studying abroad in China.  

Americans and Chinese with firsthand experiences in both the United States and China represent our world’s most crucial and valuable asset in improving Sino-American relations. However, despite the global importance of U.S.-China ties and unprecedented need for collaboration to solve world problems, the inherent distrust and fear is a constant source of tension and hostility in both nations. Widely differing values, culture, and language have created conditions for xenophobia to be deeply embedded in both American and Chinese society.

To address this, Project Pengyou is mobilizing Americans and Chinese who have lived in both countries to serve as community leaders and influencers promoting more friendly U.S.-China relations. We believe the solution lies in organizing young people and empowering them with the skills and the will to bring about a functional, robust and peaceful future for both nations – and thus for the world.


Our online platform is a social network with a database of over 300 groups that facilitate US-China exchange programs and their respective alumni. Through our members, we are crowdsourcing China-related jobs, events and resources, while providing opportunities to connect and discuss China-related issues.

To complement this, Project Pengyou is expanding offline and building a network of community chapters across the United States to catalyze a new generation of US-China bridge-builders through transformative leadership and service opportunities.

Thank you for spreading the word and joining us today!