Celebrate Mandarin Month with The Beijinger Magazine

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June is Mandarin Month! Enjoy resources and events, and learn Mandarin! Mingle with Chinese Language Schools, Programs, and fellow students at the 2017 Mandarin Month Mixer on Sunday, June 25th!

Chinese local magazine The Beijinger is celebrating its second annual Mandarin Month this June, which is right now! Check out the Mandarin Month blog tag for frequent motivation, tips and guides to improve your putonghua (Mandarin).

Current informative posts on The Beijinger during Mandarin Month

Current informative posts on The Beijinger during Mandarin Month

Mandarin Month was initiated last year to promote Mandarin study mainly to foreigners who are living in China, but who are not necessarily taking classes in Mandarin. In 2016, Project Pengyou partnered with The Beijinger for their Mandarin Month networking event which successfully connected language schools and programs with enthusiastic laowai (foreigners).

This Sunday, June 25th, the free Mandarin Month Mixer will be brought back at Q Bar in Sanlitun from 11am to 3pm – feel free to pre-register here! There will be snacks, drinks and a T-shirt. Registration at the entrance is not allowed.


Mandarin Month T-Shirt

Mandarin Month T-Shirt

Q-Bar, 6F, Dong Changan Business Hotel
6-2 Bai Jia Zhuang Road, Chaoyang District

There are 10 more days of Mandarin Month – make the most of it! Here’s a tip from Project Pengyou: “朋友(PengYou)” means friend!



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