Banking in China: From Duplication to Innovation | Young China Watchers, HK

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by Project Pengyou on May 13th, 2015   735 views

When and Where

  • 13/05/2015
    7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

  • Bar Six
    6th Floor of Parekh House, 63 Wyndham Street, Central
    Hong Kong
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Banking in China: From Duplication to Innovation | Young China Watchers, HK

Event Details

***RSVP REQUIRED*** We are delighted to invite you to join us for the next session of Young China Watchers on Wednesday, May 13, with Zennon Kapron, Founder and Managing Director of KapronAsia, who will be speaking about banking in China. Zennon will talk for around 20 minutes, followed by a brief Q&A.


Think Alibaba is just China’s Amazon? It may one day to be the nation’s biggest wealth management firm. Over the past five years, China’s financial product offerings and services have increased dramatically through a process of regulatory reform and the entrance of third-party non-financial institutions. This has provided retail consumers with a bevy of new investment choices and venues, it has also started a model of deploying financial services that has never been attempted or seen in other markets. Bitcoin had its defining moment in China’s financial industry, now Alibaba’s Yu’ebao, P2P lending, and online finance are redrawing the barriers of the banking sector. These unprecedented developments are shaking up the world’s second-largest economy and provide a case study in financial regulatory and innovative change that has never been seen before.

Zennon’s talk will provide an overview of the latest financial innovations in China’s financial industry and how they are disrupting the sector. It will suggest ways in which the same innovations may spread from China and potentially change the industry globally and discuss global companies have failed to accomplish the same outside of China.

Zennon Kapron has been involved in the financial technology industry for over 15 years and is the Founder and Director of Kapronasia, a Shanghai-based provider of financial technology research and advisory services. Before Kapronasia, Zennon was the Global Banking Industry Manager for Intel based out of Shanghai, China and, prior to Intel, was the CIO for Citigroup Portugal. He holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Science from Syracuse University and an MBA from INSEAD. He is also the author of Chomping at the Bitcoin: The History and Future of Bitcoin in China (2014).

Given there is no charge for attendance, we strongly encourage people to eat and drink heartily, as a favor to our kind hosts who have provided us with the private space at Bar Six.


Young China Watchers is a dynamic group of China-focused young professionals. Through regular roundtables and talks with senior figures in the China policy and business communities, it provides a chance for engaged individuals to interact and discuss the most pressing issues emerging from China today. It aims to build a global network, fostering the next generation of China thought-leaders.


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