China’s Banking Transformation: The Untold Story

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by Karisma Wilson on March 20th, 2017   250 views

When and Where

  • 20/03/2017
    7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

  • AmCham Shanghai Office
    1376 Nanjing West Road, Shanghai Centre, Suite 568
    (get map)

China’s Banking Transformation: The Untold Story

Event Details

For some time, experts have been predicting the impending collapse of the Chinese banking system. The collapse has not happened. What have these experts been missing? Why have their predictions not materialized?

Understanding how the Chinese banking system has transformed, and how it continues to effectively support China’s ongoing economic growth, requires looking at China’s banks not through a Western framework, but with insight into what makes the Chinese political economy tick.
In this presentation, challenging the current negative mainstream consensus, James Stent will set forth his views on the drivers and strengths of the Chinese banking system, and will explain how understanding the banks serves as a prism for understanding the broader Chinese political-economy.

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