Professional Development Series: Bossing it in the 21st Century

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by Samantha Kwok on February 16th, 2017   695 views

When and Where

  • 16/02/2017
    7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

  • InnCube
    9F JingChao Plaza, Tuanjiehu, Chaoyang District
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Professional Development Series: Bossing it in the 21st Century

Event Details

Motivating, Mentoring and Managing

Every month, the Beijing Women’s Network and JingJobs bring together experts from diverse backgrounds to empower young and mid-range professionals to build upon their professional skills and networks. If you are not yet a member of the Beijing Women’s Network on WeChat, please add wechat: kwoksamantha and ask to be added into the groups.

How can I become a better team leader? What skills and tools do I need as an aspiring female boss? What new challenges and opportunities does leadership in the 21st century bring?
These questions and more will be addressed in the first Professional Development Series event of 2017, on ‘Bossing it in the 21st Century: Motivating, Mentoring and Managing’.

Why should you attend this event?
It should come as no news that, despite great progress in gender equality in the work place over the past decades, women are still heavily underrepresented in senior management roles. The factors that contribute to this are wide-spread, ranging from implicit gender-bias, to different cultural and social pressures on men and women, to corporate infrastructural problems.

Volumes of research demonstrate the benefits of females in leadership and diversity in the workplace, such as the McKinsey Global Institute’s 2015 report, which showed that unlocking female economic potential could add up to $28 trillion to annual global GDP. In addition, a recent survey by the Beijing Women’s Network also found that ‘Leadership and People Management Skills’ were ranked highest by the participants when asked which skills they most needed and desired. However, at the current rate of development, it is estimated that women will only take up a fully equal role in the workplace in the year 2115 (McKinsey, 2015 Women in the Work Place report).

At the Beijing Women’s Network, we felt it was time to speed things up.

Therefore, join us on 16 February to hear the diverse perspectives from our three expert panelists, discuss the issue with other committed women and men, and take away some valuable lessons and best practices to help you boss it.

What will the event cover?
The evening will focus on sharing concrete advice, tools and tips around how to become the most effective leader you can be. Our speakers will share insights into motivating your team for success and personal growth; how to provide mentorship and find a mentor that suits your needs; and developing the management skills needed in the 21st century. In addition to speaker presentations and Q&A, we will also hold break-out sessions and provide take-away tasks, which will be discussed at an (optional) informal follow-up session on 9 March.

Who is this event for?
This event is mainly aimed at people who desire to hold leadership positions in future and are looking to gain insights into potential challenges and tips to overcome these, as well as those currently in leadership positions who wish to share best practices or discuss particular challenges they are facing. Those with a general interest in the topic also welcome.
All genders are invited.

Additional Reading
– Deloitte: ‘Women in the Boardroom: A Global Perspective’
– Grant Thornton: ‘Women in Senior Management: Setting the Stage for Growth’
– McKinsey & Company: ‘Fostering Women Leaders: A Fitness Test for your Top Team’ (focusing on what companies can do to encourage female leadership)
– Harvard Business Review: ‘Six Paradoxes Women Leaders Face’
– Earth Common Journal: ‘Barriers for Women to Positions of Power

Loëiza Cavalin

Food and Drink will be available (1 free drink included within ticket). Food will be provided at an extra cost and will be catered by Baozza (imagine pizza in giant bao zi form!

Inn Cube
9/F 京朝大厦 农展馆南路5号 团结湖
北京, China

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You can also reach us at +86 13141049684

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