Woodenfish Humanistic Buddhist Monastic Life Program

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When and Where

  • 01/07/2015
    All Day

  • Longfu Temple, Doushuai Temple, Pushou Temple
    Longfu Temple, Doushuai Temple, Pushou Temple
    Beijing & Mt. Wutai
    (get map)

Woodenfish Humanistic Buddhist Monastic Life Program

Event Details

The Woodenfish Project has since 2002 provided Westerners with unique and authentic first-hand experience with Chinese Buddhist Monasticism. This summer we are going back to the yellow robes and pagodas of China and invite you to join!

For more information and the application materials, click here


The objective of the program is to promote understanding of Chinese Buddhism by exposing the participants to the daily life, practice and theory of Buddhism within a traditional Buddhist monastic setting.



The Woodenfish HBMLP provides international graduate and undergraduate students interested in the study of religion, Buddhism and/or Chinese culture first-hand experience with the lifestyle, training, and rituals of contemporary Chinese Buddhist monastics. Moreover it includes academic lectures and discussions on Buddhist history and doctrine giving the students the appropriate framework for the experience.


The primary goals of the program include:

  • Offering participants a chance to personally experience Buddhism as it is practiced in modern day China.
  • Provide courses on Buddhism and Chinese culture taught by Buddhist monastics and lay scholars.
  • Introducing participants to the concepts and practices of Humanistic Buddhism
  • Experiencing and reflecting on Buddhist monastic discipline and traditions
  • Exposing participants to Chinese culture and language
  • Cultivating the mind through meditation and mindfulness in all activity.


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