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Dr. Michael Saso, founder of Advanced Asian Research And Language Institute

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  • Dr. Saso:, (831) 625-7635
  • Dan Granger: (831) 582-4500
  • Ric Donovan: (831) 582-3512

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The Advanced Asian Research and Language Institute, recruiting in cooperation with California State University Monterey Bay, and the Ricci Institute of Macau (assisting the University of San Francisco's Pacific Rim program), offers 100 days of study in Asia, with cost-effective research opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students, and the option of getting a MA degree in select disciplines. Students who enroll in the AARLI program spend at least 100 days -- one or more semesters -- of specialized study in select Asian universities in Beijing, Lhasa (Tibet), Xining (Amdo, North Tibet), Macau, Hongkong. They can also choose independent research opportunities in study-related locations by special arrangement.

Students spend 12 weeks of intensive study in Beijing at the Beijing Sports University (BSU) and 10 days traveling to remote historical and cultural areas in China and Tibet for study and research. Each semester, students can complete 12 or 15 credits of intensive Chinese language instruction and 6-8 credits of graduate level seminar courses for a total of 18-20 credits.