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This program is designed for undergraduate students majoring or minoring in business, as well as undergraduate students majoring in international studies with a business focus.  The program allows students to take business courses while experiencing cultural immersion in Shanghai, one of the world\'s most important business centers.  Coursework focuses on the specific case of China while helping students to develop their skills and knowledge for use in any business context, domestic or international.  The program boasts a blend of hands-on learning and exposure to the unique business environment of China in general and of Shanghai in particular. Participants will also take a 1-credit course in Chinese language, helping them begin to develop an appreciation for the cultural context of business in China. In addition to the business and Chinese language courses, students will take a 2-credit intercultural communications course. This course is designed to provide students with an academic forum which supports them in making connections between their business coursework in the program, the program’s cultural activities and excursions, the cultural context of their Chinese language survival course, and their cross-cultural experience.   Guest lectures, special seminars, excursions and company visits add an experiential element to the program’s core academic course work.


  • Six-week summer program

  • All business courses are taught in English

  • Designed for business majors and minors

  • Survival Chinese and Chinese Vocabulary for Business courses are taught in Chinese

  • An intercultural communications course, taught by an AHA staff member in English

  • No previous Chinese language required

  • Take courses with local university students

  • Past excursions include trips to the Shanghai Urban Planning Museum, the Bund, Yu Garden, Chenghuang Temple, and the Xin Tian Di quarter, and Sujou

  • Visit Chinese and international companies

  • The metropolis of Shanghai and destinations and activities outside of the classroom such as visiting museums, perusing markets and sharpening your bartering skills, trying a variety of Chinese cuisine, and attending a Chinese opera are important components of the cultural experience

  • You will be placed with another student at the Tongji University guesthouse