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The International College of China Academy of Art is a subsidiary of the China Academy of Art in charge of academic programs for overseas non-resident students and international artistic exchanges. It has three teaching units, which offer quality courses in Chinese painting, Chinese calligraphy, Chinese culture and language. It also provides international students with courses in oil painting, print-making, inter-media art, sculpture, art history, design art and architecture art. Its principal objective is to promote the Chinese cultures to the world, encourage international artistic exchanges and enhance friendship with the world. The School began to enroll overseas students in 1980. Nearly 3000 international students have studied in the School. It currently enrolls about 400 short-term and long-term overseas students.

The School also runs various short-term training courses in Chinese culture and art, where overseas students can enjoy the essence of oriental culture through studying both Chinese calligraphy and painting, and going on excursions. We offer individualized service to students from different countries, cultures and walks of life.

The Chinese Academy of Art also offers a Master's program.