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This 5-week program focuses on intensive language instruction and immersion while experiencing the sights and sounds of China. The program is designed to help students strengthen their language skills and better their understanding of Chinese culture.

Students currently in grades 9-11 of all language levels are welcome.

A typical weekday schedule starts with 3 hours of language instruction. While mornings are dedicated to language instruction, the afternoons open up a world of opportunities, including visits to museums, workshops on Chinese painting and calligraphy, and field trips to the Free Trade Zone and Academy of Science.

Students will hold forums to discuss current issues with Chinese students from high schools and colleges. These activities will help students appreciate the profound transformations taking place in China and China's role in the global economy.

During our four weeks in Shanghai, students will stay for 2 weeks in the dorm of the High School Affiliated to Fudan University and 2 weeks with host families. In our host families, each student will be partnered with a sibling of similar age and gender. This experience will allow students to immerse themselves in Chinese culture and family life.

The program features a 5-day excursion in Beijing, the capital city of China. Students will explore the historic sites including the Great Wall, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven and the Summer Palace.

Students will also visit Beijing's modern developments such as the National Olympics Stadium and the Wang FuJin CBD area to get a taste of Beijing's past and present.

During the 4-week study in Shanghai we will also visit the city of Suzhou, famous for its classical Chinese gardens.