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Dartmouth College offers a variety of opportunities for undergraduate students to study off-campus and earn credit toward their degree. The four main categories of opportunities for off-campus study are Dartmouth Language Study Abroad (LSA and LSA+); Dartmouth Foreign Study Programs (FSP); Dartmouth ExchangePrograms; and Transfer Credit from another four-year, degree-granting, academic institution unaffiliated with Dartmouth College.

Off-campus programs are considered an important extension of the regular Dartmouth curriculum, offering undergraduate students opportunities to study other cultures and disciplines in depth as well as to gain new perspectives on our own society. Consistently, over 50 percent of Dartmouth undergraduate students participate in one or more Foreign Study or Language Study Abroad programs before they graduate. Students returning to campus after participating on a program often speak of experiences that were rich--academically and culturally--as well as life changing!

The Department of Asian and Middle Eastern Languages and Literatures offers two foreign study opportunities  in China. Classes are taught at a major university, Beijing Normal University, for ten weeks each term. In addition to its course offerings, Dartmouth-at-BNU gives students the experience of a culture and political climate radically different from their own. Throughout the term and in conjunction with course offerings, trips are taken to places of historical or cultural interest in Beijing and vicinity. In the summer term, the participants travel for 11-13 days at the end of their studies along China's Silk Road (conditions permitting). In the fall term, a twelve-day midterm trip, taking the participants to various important cities or regions within China, is organized after the fourth or fifth week of classes.

Dartmouth-at-BNU offers students three course credits: two credits for language classes at either the second-year level (Chinese 22, 23), at the third-year level (Chinese 31, 32), or at the fourth-year level (Chinese 41, 42) [advanced classes require a minimum of eight students]; depending on the student's level of proficiency; and one credit for the Chinese 11 non-language course taught by the Dartmouth professor in residence. Whereas Chinese 11 meets four hours per week, the language classes entail a minimum of three hours every morning (Monday-Friday) and are supplemented by afternoon tutorials.

Another program Dartmouth offers in China is a new program called, 2013 Music FSP, that will be held in Beijing. The program will be located inside of Central Conservatory of Music, a renowned world-class music school. The Beijing music foreign study program is a project based FSP program that provides an opportunity for students to combine music study with intensive exposure to performance and cultural exploration of modern China within the context of globalization. The program is open to all Dartmouth students who are vocalists, instrumentalists, and composers, and to students whose focus is on music history, theory, or ethnomusicology, as well as to students who have strong interest in exploring culture through music (both Western and Asian), visual art, film, dance, and other forms of contemporary culture.