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China Study Abroad Program Highlights:

  • With semester and Summer study abroad programs in China and Internships available full time or combined with your semester abroad, you can select from a range of academic experiences to suit your needs.

  • Live with Chinese students and other study abroad program participants in our high-quality off-campus apartments for a more integrated experience in China

  • Be immersed in Chinese culture during our comprehensive five-day Orientation Program in Beijing, China including a Great Wall hike and other cultural activities

  • Ensure that language is no barrier when you study abroad in China, with semester, Summer and internship programs available in English

  • Based yourself in China's most dynamic city, Shanghai or the capital of China, Beijing, with all it's cultural institutions

  • Advance your language skills, with Chinese language instruction available for all skill levels

Study Abroad Programs:

Choose a summer, semester or full year study abroad program in Shanghai at Fudan University or Beijing, China at Tsinghua University or UIBE. Each program includes our renowned superior, personalized service; in-country Orientation programs; cultural excursions; integrated housing approach and dedicated on-site staff in each location to assist with any issues during your study abroad semester in China.

Internship program:

The Education Abroad Network's Internship in China Program gives students and recent college graduates entry into China's leading organizations and ensures that you will receive training compatible with your employment and/or educational history. Internships are generally unpaid and are 36-40 hours per week for full-time placements and 10-20 hours per week for part-time placements. These internships are an invaluable learning experience for students of all academic disciplines and are project-based, meaning you will work on a specific project for the duration of the internship.

Students participating in either the Shanghai or Beijing semester study abroad programs have the option to undertake a part-time internship in conjunction with their academic studies. Students will be placed in an internship that matches their academic or personal interest needs as closely as possible. No matter the assigned internship, students consider the opportunity to immerse oneself into daily Chinese working life a highlight of the program.