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Yi Laoshi

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Hebei University of Chinese Medicine is established in 1958 and there are 8 undergraduate majors. The University also accepts post-graduate and PhD students. The University has 1000 beds and

Hebei University of Chinese Medicine is located in Shijiazhuang, capital city of Hebei Province. Hebei Province is well located with Bohai to the east, Taihang Mountain to its west and it embraces two Municipalities, Beijing and Tianjin. The climate in Hebei Province is pleasant. The University is only 40 km to the Shijiazhuang International Airport, 290 km to Beijing. Travelling between Beijing and Shijiazhuang takes approximately 1 hour.

Hebei Province is the birthplace of both ancient Chinese civilization and medical science. The earliest ironware, wineware and chinaware in the world were made and discovered in Shijiazhuang. The first recorded famous doctor Qin Yueren(Bian Que)lived in Hebei. Hebei Province also has the Great Wall, the Zhaozhou Bridge which is the earliest stone arch bridge in the world. Shijiazhuang is also the only metropolis where people speak standard Mandarin, which makes it suitable for foreigners to study and live.

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