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Since 1981 Heilongjiang University has recruited and trained over 6,000 international students who came from Japan, South Korea, Russia, America, Great Britain, Germany and other countries. Heilongjiang University is the base of teaching Chinese as a foreign language in Heilongjiang Province. Heilongjiang university is the appointed institution of HSK and the university is the institution admitting international students under Chinese government scholarship program

Chinese Language Curriculum:
No previous Chinese experience is necessary as students of all levels of proficient are equally welcome to apply. Chinese courses are taught in a small classroom setting to give students ample opportunity to practice the Chinese that they learn. This ensures the quickest improvement of your Chinese.

Intensive HSK Exam Training Course:
Designed and organized specially for students aiming to pass the HSK, Heilongjiang University's International Institute of Education and Culture has designed intensive training courses for HSK levels 4, 5 and 6. This course explains the content of the exam in detail, analyzing the types of questions that the student will face in a short period of time  The students learn to master the nuances of the exam. Our courses will comprehensively improve students' exam taking abilities and ensure that the exam is passed in the shortest time possible. The course is generally take for a semester or more.

Summer Language Course:
Every summer in July or August, Heilongjiang University organizes a 4-6 week short-term language program. In addition to language classes, the university organizes fun extracurricular activities which Chinese college students also participate in, aimed at giving students a look into cChinese culture and life. This program is suitable for language students at any level or Chinese enthusiasts looking to learn more.

Scholarship Programs:
Chinese Government Scholarship (master's degree, doctoral degree)

Confucius Institute Scholarship Program (Chinese language study, teaching Chinese as a foreign language master's degree)

Heilongjiang Province Scholarship Program (bachelor's degree, master's degree, doctoral degree). International students can be awarded full or partial scholarships.

Additional programs include:
International Economics and Trade Bachelor's Degree Program
Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language Master's Degree Program
International Economics and Trade Master's Degree Program
Chinese Language Bachelor's Degree Program