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Since 1971, ICE has placed more than sixteen thousand (16,000) United States college and university students in work/internship positions throughout Europe, Asia, and South America.  ICE program participants have worked in automotive plants in Germany, schools in China, supermarkets in Japan, and in Aboriginal communities in Australia, for example.

Students commonly do their internships during the summer, but we can schedule them when you want to travel and work abroad.  Internships last a minimum of 8 to 12 weeks, depending on the position.

ICE arranges internships with a wide range of employers, from global leaders to small family owned businesses. Students gain first-hand experience of what it is like to work overseas.

Each year brings many new opportunities. Our current associates include, but are not limited to: Migros, Governmental Offices, Schools in China, Siemens, BMW; Belgian, German and Swiss Banks;
Children\'s Homes; Pro Linguis; Mini-Cooper; Wincor-Nixdorf; Aboriginal Communities; Mercedes Benz; Wacker Chemie; Porsche; Private Families; and Japanese retail stores.

ICE internships are available in a wide variety of employment fields, for example:

  • Teaching

  • Engineering

  • Information Technology

  • Banking

  • Retail Sales

  • Business, Marketing

  • Telecommunication

  • Insurance

  • Hotels and Restaurants

  • Health Science

  • Computer Science and more.

ICE internships run between 8 to 12 weeks. Students usually work 30-40 hours per week, and either live with a homestay or with an employer sponsored housing program. Compensation varies by program. Depending on the particular employment situation, students earn a modest salary or stipend.

Some locations include Shanghai, Beijing, Yantai and Xi\'an.