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As a world leader in international education, it is the mission of ISB, in partnership with parents, to educate and inspire our students to reach their unique potential and contribute positively to society by providing a world class education that is enriched by our diversity and the Chinese culture in which we live.

In the early 1970s, a tiny foreign school was established in Beijing, under the auspices of the United States Liaison Office in Beijing, precursor to the US Embassy.

This first foreign classroom was wedged into a hallway in a diplomatic apartment compound in Sanlitun. With eight students and two certified teachers, it was dubbed “the Little Red Schoolhouse” by Newsweek magazine—a reference not to the school’s architecture, but to the politics of the era.

In 1980, with the growth of other diplomatic communities, the US Embassy merged its school with those of the British and Australian embassies. The Canadian and New Zealand embassies joined in, and the five nations together formally founded the International School of Beijing. Located on the grounds of the U.S. Embassy, the school provided education for the children of the five founding embassies; eventually, as space allowed, children from other embassies were permitted to enroll.

Bound by the strict requirements imposed on diplomatic schools, the founding embassies nevertheless worked to meet educational needs of the growing expatriate community in Beijing. As the business environment developed and the population of expatriates swelled, ISB grew to meet the educational needs of a broader range of foreign families.

In 1988, under new regulations, China’s Ministry of Foreign affairs officially registered ISB as a “school for diplomatic children.” The campus moved to the Lido complex of offices and housing units, and the school was permitted to accept applications from all expatriate residents of Beijing.

In January 2002, the Beijing Municipal Education Bureau allowed ISB to be restructured as an “independent school for foreign children.” From this time, the school began to flourish—no longer just an important educational preserve of “embassy kids,” ISB became a respected international school, with programs and accreditation signifying the breadth and depth of the school’s vision. In 1991, ISB became the first school in Beijing to offer the full Diploma Programme of the International Baccalaureate Organization.

In 1997, ISB was accredited by WASC (in the United States), and in 2003 by the Chinese authority NCCT. In January of 2007, ISB won full accreditation from CIS (Europe), NEASC (United States), and again from NCCT (China).

Along with this academic development came physical and structural expansion. In 2002, the school moved to a 33-acre, purpose-built facility in the northeastern suburbs of the growing capital. Within our state-of-the-art facilities on the Shunyi campus, the highest standards of teaching and learning are pursued. A carefully designed standards-based curriculum incorporates the best elements and best practices of international education. Our professional learning community resonates with the enthusiasm of talented, dedicated faculty. The ISB curriculum is fully aligned, from the earliest grades (Early Childhood-Age 3) through Grade 12. The facilities—including a theater, sports fields, libraries, gymnasiums, swimming pool, art center, and performing arts wing—are constantly updated, and our students benefit from the most advanced tools and technology for learning in the 21st Century.