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Overseas Education College (OEC), formerly called International Education Exchange College, was formally founded in 2011. As an independent institution, OEC is responsible for foreign students’ admission, academic affairs, routine administration and organizing Chinese international education. In 2014, the number of foreign students reached 900; they are from 82 countries of 5 continents and include undergraduate, postgraduate students, as well as language students, advanced students and post-doctors. English-taught programs are MBBS, International Economics and Trade, Business Administration (BBA), Civil Engineering, Computer Science and Technology, Chemical Engineering and Process, Pharmaceutical Science, Material Science and Engineering, Food Science and Engineering, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Chinese Language and Literature etc. OEC has established a scholarship system and is now providing students with scholarships of different types: national-level CSC Scholarship, Confucius Institute Scholarship, provincial-level Jasmine Scholarship, Jiangsu University President’s Scholarship, School Scholarships and Enterprise Scholarship.

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