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As a student in the Chinese School, you’ll meet with your teachers for four hours of daily classroom learning, as well as individual review sessions and drop-in evening office hours. Between times, you'll join them in organized cocurricular activities—including tai chi, hiking, theater, calligraphy, cooking, and Majiang—each designed to help you build new vocabulary while developing cultural fluency.

Whether in class, at poetry club, in the dining hall, or just chatting with friends, you'll be living the language for eight intensive weeks. When you leave campus at summer’s end, you’ll say goodbye to friends you're likely to meet again later—as professional colleagues in the Chinese-speaking world.

Academic Programs:

Eight-Week Intensive Language Program:

The Chinese School prides itself on dedicated faculty and staff, a rigorous, well-implemented curriculum, a speak-Chinese-only total immersion learning environment, and a low student-teacher ratio. At the end of each summer, comparisons of entrance and exit speaking and reading proficiency test results lend clear credibility to this claim.

We have built into our curriculum an active assessment component which monitors and measures students' progress; a team effort ensures that students receive individual attention and continuous feedback. Both teachers and students work diligently as coaches and learners, respectively toward the same goal--to ensure that their students' ability to understand, speak, read and write Mandarin Chinese improves dramatically day-by-day throughout the summer.

Courses offered by the Chinese School normally meet for four hours each day.  Students should expect to devote four to six hours to out-of-class preparation per day. Each course covers the equivalent of one academic year’s worth of material within an eight-week period.

Six-Week MA Program Focusing on Teaching Chinese as a Second Language

The Chinese School master's degree program focuses specifically on Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language.  It is designed for current teachers of Chinese or those who wish to teach Chinese. Students may earn the MA by completing four summer sessions, or by combining two summers with an academic year at the Monterey Institute of International Studies, a graduate school of Middlebury College.