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Program Directors: Dr. Jeanne Tsai, David Hessler, Dr. Xinping (River) He

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The primary goals of the trip are to enrich the students’ interest and knowledge of Mandarin Chinese, to visit one urban and one rural private high school in Taiwan, and to visit a number of cultural and religious sites on the island. A very unique and special experience, MKA students will be given the opportunity to individually shadow and interact with a Chinese high school student during their school day. This will give the students the opportunity to personally experience the academic challenges of their Chinese peers as well as to practice and develop their language skills. This ties in with our school’s mission to engage each student intellectually and personally with the world. In addition, MKA students will be given opportunities to use their Mandarin Chinese in an authentic context. The hope is that this will not only strengthen their motivation to excel in their Chinese studies but also their understanding of this newly emerging and prosperous Asian society.