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Each year NWU undertakes over 100 research projects of national importance, including “the 973 Project,” “the 863 Project,” national major scientific and technological projects, and the projects of the National Natural Sciences Foundation of China. To date, NWU has won a number of major scientific research awards, including the National Natural Sciences Awards (the first and second prizes), the National Technological Invention Awards (the second prize), the National Scientific & Technological Progress Awards (the second prize), and the Cheung Kong Scholars Achievement Awards (first prize).

NWU attaches great importance to international exchange and cooperation, and has established collaborative relations with more than 100 institutions of higher learning and research in more than 20 foreign countries, including USA, UK, France, Germanyand Japan, as well as regions such as Hong Kong and Taiwan. To its credit, NWU is listed as one of the leading universities in the world by the Encyclopedia Britannica.

About The College of International Cultural Exchange (CICE) & The School of Central Asia (SCA)

1. Established in 1992 (CICE) and 2013 (SCA)

2. Mission: to cultivate international talents with a global vision, an aptitude
for critical thinking, innovative conceptual and practical skills

3.  Over 100 partner universities

4.  Nurtured more than 10,000 students from over 20 countries and regions

5.  Provide both degree and non-degree programs

6.  Offer various scholarship programs

7.  Dynamic Environment and Vibrant Social Life for International students 

As a commitment to supporting overseas students and rewarding academic excellence, Northwest University offers a number of scholarships for overseas students each year, awarded on a competitive basis: