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The Oregon University System International Programs are cooperative programs to which all students in public universities in Oregon and select private partner universities have access. The programs are predominately reciprocal exchanges that not only send students abroad, but also bring students to Oregon campuses. It is through these direct relationships that students and faculty connect with partner institutions abroad and bring diversity to Oregon universities.

The OUS Beijing program goes beyond traditional Chinese language programs in the U.S. You will get the opportunity to experience an intensive Chinese language program in-country, plus the chance to explore day-to-day life in Beijing with Chinese citizens. You will see a side of China that few foreigners get to experience. In the end, OUS Beijing students learn to see China not simply from a foreigner’s perspective, but from a Chinese perspective.

At its heart, the OUS Beijing program is an intensive Chinese language program. Classes are challenging, yet diverse. Many faculty have studied at the country’s premier language instruction programs and employ class activities and teaching styles not found in U.S. classrooms. It is the only international university in China with its main task set at teaching the Chinese language and culture to foreign students. And it has a full-time teaching staff of more than 800.

Educational institutions and training organizations of various kinds in around a hundred countries have adopted the textbooks of teaching Chinese as a foreign language published by BLCU press.

Students report that they typically spend at least two, but probably closer to three hours studying outside of class each day. While busy, they generally report that they have plenty of time to explore and to participate in various activities on and off campus.

The pace of language instruction is quite quick. Students generally complete one language chapter or lesson every other day. Some other courses or activities, such as Chinese calligraphy and painting, Qigong, Shadow Boxing or tours to factories, villages or schools, can also be arranged to cater to the special needs of short-term Chinese language learners.