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Founded by students in 1898, Princeton in Asia (PiA) has long been driven by a mission to foster cross-cultural understanding between East and West by giving young people opportunities to live and work in Asia. As employees of a variety of Asian institutions, PiA fellows gain work and life experience while providing valuable services to their Asian hosts. It is PiA’s vision that through extended exposure to Asian workplaces and cultures, fellows will develop a life-long appreciation for this region of the world.

PiA  offer approximately 145 full-year fellowships in many different countries in Asia, including many in China. PiA offers service-oriented posts in the fields of education, international development (NGOs), journalism and business, with a majority of fellows working as English teachers at universities and high schools. While 30% of its applicants are Princeton students, the program is open to everyone.

In addition to post-grad year-long fellowships, PiA also offers summer internship opportunities to Princeton undergraduates in the fields of education, journalism, and international development (NGOs).