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Try New Ninchanese Android App: the gamified Chinese learning app


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    Jean-Rémi Laisne


    Hi 朋友,

    I’m happy to present Ninchanese, an app that makes learning Chinese fun and efficient :

    As a Chinese learner myself, I know the struggle to learn Mandarin Chinese to a level that allows real communication in that language.

    That’s why we created this app to learn Chinese, Ninchanese, with gamification, science-based learning and cutting edge technology. It’s really fun and efficient and our learners love how Ninchanese works and the results it brings them.

    The app has a lot of features, voice recognition, SRS to learn Chinese characters, listening and writing stages and more. Please look at the Play Store page to see them all :

    We launched the web app ( a few months ago and we’ve already built an engaged community of users who are learning all they need to reach fluency in Chinese. I’ll be happy to see you in the Ninchanese community! 😀

    Ninchanese has been in beta since sometimes now and the content is really well made. On the other side, the Android app is pretty new, we just launched it a month ago, so I’ll be happy to have your feedback on it, 朋友!Thanks!


    LINK :

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    Selom Akuyo



    One thing I’d say is that you should upload higher resolution photos to your app store, it just gives out a better image for your brand.

    Profile photo of Jean-Rémi Laisne
    Jean-Rémi Laisne


    Thanks Selom for your tips. I’ll do something about it! :)

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