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The future of Servite’s formation and leadership programs will include an international dimension thanks to Servite alumnus, Joseph Sanberg, a member of the Class of 1997. The mission of the program is to form future international leaders by introducing students to critical foreign languages, guiding students on enriching immersion experiences abroad, and providing specialized instruction focused on leadership, formation, and personal cultivation informed by the charisms of the Servite Order.

“My experience at Servite made me a better leader,” said Sanberg. “I hope the International Leadership Program will do the same for current and future Friars.”

To begin the program, Mr. Sanberg has elected for an initial focus on China. Because of its rich culture and history, recent economic rise, increasingly important role in international affairs, and large population, China is an excellent source and focus of study for students interested in international education, careers and leadership. This program will provide students with opportunities to expand the parameters of traditional education by allowing them to develop international perspectives at a young age, enhancing their understanding of the world and better preparing them for leadership positions at institutions of higher education and future careers and vocations.

“This donation is the first of its kind for our school,“ Servite president, Pete Bowen said. “Joe not only initiated and helped develop this program to benefit our students, he also provided the funding for a multi-year program.” Sanberg made a commitment to fund the International Leadership Program for a minimum of six years and pledged $1.2 million towards the program costs.

In order to participate in the program, students must apply for admission in the spring of their freshman year with the prerequisite that students be currently enrolled in Mandarin I. Upon successful admission to the program, students will be required to complete three years of Mandarin classes (freshman to junior years) and two years of the International Leadership Seminar (sophomore and junior years), as well as participate in two consecutive summer immersion trips to China. The entire program, classes and travel abroad, is fully funded by Mr. Sanberg, and is therefore, available at no cost to interested and eligible students.