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At SLG, we would like to promote an understanding and appreciation of the Chinese language, culture, history to the rest of the world, and to facilitate the understanding of the Chinese heritage, tradition, art, as well as to stimulate the self-respect and self-confidence of young overseas Chinese. SLG offers programs for both youth & teens.

Chinese Language Summer Camp in Beijing

Our unique programs offer children age 8-18 and families worldwide first-hand experience about China's deep traditions as well as its fast-changing realities as a modern society. Whether you seek total language immersion, culture understanding, adventure, or personal growth, our programs provide them all. Sino Language programs are available every summer from June to August. Whether you are a first-time participant or returning student, and you have two weeks or two months, there is a program for you.

Leadership & Service Program in Beijing
Leadership & Service Program in Beijing, China is a unique program customized for high school students seeking to fulfill the service/ volunteer hours portion of their graduation requirements and leadership program while expanding their global awareness. This is a once-in-a-life chance to teach English to Chinese kids, join the International Youth Conference, see unique sites in Beijing and around China, and gain practical leadership experience. Participant will earn 50-80 service hours at the conclusion of the program. Space is limited to a maximum of 30 students per session. See more details.

Chinese Summer Camp in Shanghai
Build upon 10 years experience of organizing Chinese summer camp in Beijing, Sino Language Gateway continues its effort and offers another exciting Chinese Culture Summer Camp in Shanghai since 2013. Our Shanghai New Class, Journey of Chinese Culture is run by Shanghai Tangfeng Education, who has been engaged in international youth exchange program since 2000. The summer camp provides students opportunities to learn Chinese language and involve in the unique Chinese culture in a direct, authentic and vivid way.

Focusing on offering top notch education and a fun experience, our Shanghai summer camp is taking place at the Shanghai Industrial and Commercial Foreign Languages School (SICFLS). It is one of the most distinguished national secondary schools in Shanghai. With an emphasis on foreign language instruction, including English, Japanese, German, Korean, French, Spanish and Russian, as well as the development of skills for the modern workplace, and engaged faculty, SICFLS surpasses secondary schools in Shanghai with the highest in college enrollment rate. International exchange also plays an active role in the cultivation of students' international awareness and the internationalization of the school. See more details here.