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Headquartered in
Xizhou, Yunnan
Brian Linden

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  • 0872-2452988
  • No. 5 Chengbeicun, Xizhou, Dali, Yunnan (大理喜洲城北村5号)


The award winning Linden Centre offers the cultural and adventure traveler a true immersion into authentic China. You reside in expansive and luxurious courtyard mansions, some of the largest of their kind in China, in a pristine village in Southwest China’s Yunnan Province. Far more than your typical China hotel, our facilities are nationally protected heritage sites that have been professionally restored by the Linden team to their former dynastic elegance. In the foothills of the Himalayas, guests enjoy a year-round spring climate and direct access to rich, undisturbed cultures in a true melting pot of the region. The Linden Centre has been consistently ranked as a top Dali hotel, and has gained international recognition for its commitment to cultural sustainability and heritage preservation. Come touch the ‘old’ China that is elusive to most visitors, and leave with enriching experiences that last a lifetime.