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Program Summary:

Exploring China offers students an excellent opportunity to learn about contemporary Chinese culture, society, art and media, economy, and language, and also the opportunity to conduct on-site research for their undergraduate research projects.This is the first faculty-led study abroad to China program at UNC Asheville, and it would be highly beneficial not only to students who major in International Studies, New Media, and/or minor in Asian Studies who are interested in gaining student-learning experience in China, but also to all students who are interested in becoming global citizens. The goal is to help our students become more sensitive to cultural diversities and adaptive to cultural differences.


INTS 376/NM 376 (cross-listed) (6):  Exploring China,  taught by Jinhua Li and Lei Han
Course work on Chinese language, culture, art and social media, society, and history so that students (1) are better acquainted with general information of the country, and (2) have an opportunity to develop their research topic and/or further refine their undergraduate research projects during the course.  During this week, students will gain general information of the country, and receive the necessary training for basic video production. Students will also work in groups to develop a topic for their final projects and present their projects to the class.

The three weeks in China includes four cities: Beijing, Shanghai, Ha'erbin and Xi'an, each representing a different model of social-economic development in contemporary China. While students work in groups for their final projects, they will pair up with local host university student buddies as a means to further enhance their cross-cultural understanding of China. There will be daily class meeting every morning during these three weeks for discussion and reports on related topics.

As a final collaborative project for Exploring China, each team will report on a selected sector of Chinese life, emphasizing on-site experiences and including first-hand observations gained during this trip. A significant part of the team project is to understand some of the underlying cultural differences between “East” and “West” as lived in China and in the U.S., as a way of appreciating and anticipating issues that develop when people from these two diverse backgrounds interact.

Dr. Jinhua Li and Professor Lei Han led the first faculty-led study abroad trip to China in summer 2013.