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China: History & Modern Development of Environmental Health
Study Chinese history while traveling through China! Students from diverse majors are encouraged to participate in this UW-Madison faculty-led seminar entitled "China: History & Modern Development of Environmental Health". Sponsored by The Center for East Asian Studies, this 4-week traveling program begins and ends in Beijing, but also travels to other parts of China, studying the complex history that makes up modern day China.

Places to visit in 2014 may include Beijing, Xi'an, Xinjiang, and Gansu but locations may vary. Students who participate on this program should anticipate frequent travel with little time for independent experiences away from the group.

UW Chinese Culture, Arts, Design and Feng Shui
Study Feng Shui in China! Students from diverse majors are encouraged to participate in this UW-Madison faculty-led seminar focusing on the concept and application of Chinese Feng Shui and its impact on Chinese art, design, history, culture, and society.

The leading center of learning for over 700 years, China is home to breathtaking historical sites such as the Forbidden City and Imperial Palace, as well as modern building innovations of sleek office high rises and emerging industrial quarters. Feng Shui has shaped many aspects of the way these buildings, palaces, and other public and private spaces have been designed and built, making the entire city a laboratory for studying Feng Shui's impact on design.

Over 5,000 years old, China has been developing at an amazing speed and now welcomes visitors from all around the world to explore its past and present. The biggest country in Asia and having the largest population in the world, China displays an extraordinarily rich cultural art design heritage. With Feng Shui principles deeply embedded within the Chinese way of life, China is a perfect venue for studying art, design, and its impact on human development and behavior.

UW Global Gateway Program in Shanghai, China
Join Professor Joe Dennis and 14 other Badgers on a 4-week program to Shanghai, China! Shanghai is the first location selected for the UW Global Gateway Program. Each student that is selected to participate on the program will receive a Global Gateway scholarship. This will cover the entire program fee, including airfare. You can learn more about the UW Global Gateway Program here.

This unique summer program will increase your understanding and awareness of Chinese history and culture in the context of modern-day forces of globalization. The program in Shanghai is offered by UW-Madison on the campus of East China Normal University, in cooperation with the Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE). The program combines classroom learning with out-of-class activities and excursions in and around Shanghai.

There is expected to be a high level of interest in the UW Global Gateway Program. As space on the program is limited, IAP encourages students to put care and thought into their application materials. Students should begin applications as early as possible, as one component of the application is an essay that requires reading a China-specific news source over the course of a week. Select applicants will be invited for an in-person interview before final decisions are made. Accepted students will demonstrate a strong commitment to the program and its learning objectives, be an active participant while on the program, and help promote international education upon their return to UW-Madison. Both need and merit-based criteria will be taken into consideration.

UW Intensive Chinese Language in Tianjin, China
Learn Chinese in Tianjin, China's third largest city! Students on this intensive language program study Mandarin Chinese for 11 weeks over the summer, earning a full year's worth of language credits in one summer. Designed for students with a range of proficiency in Chinese language--from no previous experience all the way up to advanced learners--this program gives students the opportunity to develop Chinese language skills while experiencing life in one of China's fastest growing cities.
Situated on the Hai He river, Tianjin is one of the biggest ports in northern China and is well-known for its seafood, restaurants, and shopping. The city is a center of folk arts and performance, with Tianjin serving as a center for Beijing opera and gongfu martial arts. Located one hour from Beijing, Tianjin is also an excellent base for exploring China's capital city or other parts of the country.