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Based on participating students the program will offer, in a particular year, any of the elementary, intermediate, and advanced courses taught by the faculty members of the Institute of International Education of Qingdao University, who specialize in teaching Chinese as a second language. Based on his/her actual level, a student can take one of the four language courses – Chinese 105-106, Chinese 205-206, Chinese 305-306, Chinese 340-341 in combination with the culture course Chinese 201 – earning three units of credit, in addition to two mini-courses of Chinese calligraphy and martial arts which are open to all participating students. Each language course consists of the following aspects:

  1. Four hours of intensive language instruction each morning on weekdays;

  2. One hour of one-on-one oral practice with a native Chinese college student most afternoons

  3. One to two weeks of home stay with a Chinese family;

  4. Weekend excursions to cultural sites: Beijing (Forbidden City, Great Wall, Beijing streets), Confucius’ Residence, Temple and Tomb, Mount Laoshan (Taoist Mountain), Yisiling Vineyard, Qingdao Brewery, Old and New Qingdao including museums, architecture, markets, residential areas, a variety of stores and restaurants, etc.;

  5. Interactive recreational activities with Chinese faculty members and students;

  6. Adequate amount of time for students’ self-study and attending mini-courses on culture.

  7. An opportunity for individual students to visit other areas of China on their own after the program ends.

With a full immersion in a Chinese environment, a student can achieve the same amount of language training that an on-campus whole-year language course can offer, especially in speaking and hearing skills. In addition to the achievement of the language skills at a certain level, a student will have first-hand experience with Chinese people, their society and culture, which will have far-reaching significance in his/her personal and academic growth.

The program provides an opportunity for individual students to fulfill the one-year foreign language requirement or the Chinese language requirements and achieve language skills at the same time. With a satisfactory completion of one session in the summer program, a student can continue to study the language at a higher level the following fall semester. With such a program, it is possible for a student who started their study of Chinese language in his/her sophomore or junior year to fulfill the requirement for a Chinese Correlate or the language requirement for a Chinese Major or other majors, (such as Asian Studies and International Studies) which count the language toward their requirements. The summer program in China would also make it possible for a student to fulfill his/her desire to study in China while reserving his/her junior year for study abroad in another country. With opportunities to take summer courses as letter-graded Vassar credits, students who are deeply interested in Chinese language studies can devote more time during the school year to their other academic interests.