If You Are the One (Who Wants to Talk About Dating) | China Hang-up Rebroadcast

by Project Pengyou on September 3rd, 2014   10055 views

How have attitudes toward dating and relationships changed?


Attitudes toward dating and sex in China have undergone a profound evolution over the past generation. Once a strict taboo, casual relationships are now common and the Chinese airwaves are flooded with Western-style dating shows. But at the same time, factors like a growing gender imbalance, the one-child policy and an influx of foreigners are shaking up the dating scene, for better and worse.

For today’s podcast, we’ve invited two young guests to the Popup Chinese Studios who are all too familiar with romance in China. Yue Xu is a TV host, dating coach and founder of the dating blog Singlefied; and Shandong-native Mia Ling was a producer behind Sexy Beijing TV.

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