Expats for a Facial Recognition Project

by Cathrine Hansen on September 8th, 2017   272 views

Are you interested in technology and from one of the following countries?

• Russia
• Switzerland
• Thailand
• Malaysia
• Burma
• Vietnam
• Philippines
• Pakistan
• Cambodia
• Bangladesh
• Sri Lanka
• Nepal



Job Description

CSOFT International is working hard to attack language barriers between businesses and their customers globally. We develop language technology solutions that empower our clients to realize their full potential internationally through more efficient language localization.
CSOFT is looking for people of different nationalities to help with an upcoming facial recognition project for one of the main Chinese technology companies producing smartphones.

People of all kinds of looks and genders are welcome.

You will be required to do functional testing of the mobile application:

• Using different facial expressions/emotions
• Wearing hair/face accessories
• In specific types of environment

If you are interested in further information please contact Roxana on wechat: roxxnroll_yo

To learn more about CSOFT, our business, vision, people, and available opportunities, please visit our website at http://www.csoftintl.com.

How to Apply

Please contact Roxana on wechat: roxxnroll_yo

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