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The Hutong has an eclectic and passionate team running a wide variety of programs in Beijing and across China. Our goals are to provide student groups with exceptional experiences, and ensure that students and teachers alike experience the community, culture, and excitement that China can offer. The Education Department designs customized programs that take education groups beyond the sites to engage with their surroundings, explore China, and develop their personal worldview.



Job Description

Interns participate in educational programs from a support role in addition to working from the office on projects according to strengths, skills, and interests.

What We’re Looking For:

The Hutong Education Team has grown significantly in 2017 and is looking to expand upon this growth for 2018 and beyond. This position will be focused on account management and providing exceptional client relations. We are looking for someone with a passion for education and who is eager to present our exceptional experiential education programs with our clients in the most professional manner possible. In order to execute account management and stay at the top of our game, we need individuals who treat customer relations management with the utmost care and thoroughness whilst using language that promotes our brand promise of partnership, professionalism, and consistency.

What You’ll Do:

• Support idea generation and program development in concert with the Education Department that are customized to each client school’s specifications.
• Travel to sites in and around Beijing, as well as cities around China to help take part in and assist in facilitation of meaningful education programs.
• Support communications with staff and teachers for each program on all matters concerning program execution.
• Assist with creation of content used in each program’s written materials including proofreading, idea generation, and copy editing.
• Help prepare supply bags in preparation for programs.
• Work with program leaders and logistics managers for education programs to build the background educational knowledge necessary for successful program execution.
• Facilitate small group activities on programs ranging from group games, to teambuilding, to scavenger hunts.
• Help with added safety measures for all program activities.
• Manage and support the positive dynamics of a multinational team on the road with student groups.
• Represent and embody the fun, inclusive, and passionate reputation that The Hutong staff are known for.

What We Want To Accomplish:

• Provide consistently high quality and innovative educational experiences for international student groups.
• Develop a professional team who are excited to work with The Hutong
Education and are inspired to leave their own imprint on The Hutong community.
• Encourage students to be creative, curious, and think critically through
attending The Hutong’s programs and interacting with The Hutong staff.


Internship Dates: 

Because our programs are seasonal we are looking for internships to last during the Spring and Fall seasons between the months of March to June and August to November. These are our busiest times of year where we would have more roles and responsibilities. We are also open to internships in the Summer and Winter seasons to work on specific projects. 

How to Apply

Go to to learn more about our work. Please contact jeff@thehutong, and marissa@thehutong with your résumé and a brief cover letter introducing yourself, and telling us why you’d be a great addition to The Hutong team.

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