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by Jenna Ludwig on May 3rd, 2018   191 views

We are seeking natural language & speech processing research interns in our Seattle office located at Bellevue WA for year 2018. You will be working with researchers on a research project related to one of the core problems in natural language processing (e.g., natural language understanding and generation, question and answering, reading comprehension, and knowledge graph inference), dialog system (e.g., multi-turn, multi-modal, and multi-user dialog tracking and management), and speech recognition and synthesis (e.g., new paradigm). You will work on real and/or big data using our high-performing computing facility and are encouraged to publish the results of your internship.


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Job Description

Key responsibilities

The research interns will work tightly with our high performing research team and apply their knowledge and innovative approaches to improve human-machine interaction and machine intelligence.

Requirements & Qualifications

The ideal intern candidates are those who

  • are Ph.D. students in computer science, electrical engineering, or a related field;
  • are self-motivated;
  • has research experience in natural language processing, speech processing, dialog system, or machine learning (esp. deep learning and reinforcement learning);
  • has good publication record and history of creativity and intellectual flexibility;
  • can program skillfully in Python and/or C++ and has experience in using one of the leading deep learning toolkits such as Tensorflow, PyTorch, and CNTK.

Location: Bellevue, WA

Duration: 3 months. Can start any time in Year 2018.

Salary & Benefits

The company offers competitive salaries

How to Apply

To apply:

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