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by Alex Goldman on December 5th, 2018   251 views

Looking for a college counselor to mentor and guide Chinese high school students through their applications to university in the United States (primarily), the UK, Canada, and Australia.

Company Background: Goldenway Consulting, founded in 2014 by two Americans, is a small but growing college counseling company based in Shanghai.  We work with roughly 20-30 Chinese students each year, most of whom are applying to college in the United States.  We pride ourselves on providing individualized, intimate service to our clients to help them navigate the complicated journey of college apps.  Mentorship–teaching the student to grow through the application process rather than simply being their essay editors–is one of our core philosophies.  


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Job Description

As a college counselor, you will work with Chinese students between the ages of 16-18, assisting them on the following aspects of their college applications:

  • School and major selection
  • Essay brainstorming and editing
  • Form checking
  • Interview training
  • Resume polishing

Most likely you will be working together with another counselor and supervising various parts of different student’s cases.  However, depending on your ability and experience, you may be given your own students cases to handle as well.

We are looking for a candidate who: 

  • Has a bachelor’s degree from an American university
  • Has strong writing skills, editing experience, and takes pride in producing high-quality essays
  • Is organized and has strong time management skills
  • Enjoys (and has the patience for) working with students
  • Works well in a collaborative environment
  • Note: Speaking Chinese or having experience working with Chinese students is a plus but not necessary

We offer:

  • An industry competitive salary
  • The flexibility and opportunity for growth unique to a small company
  • One-way ticket to China
  • Airport pickup and 3 days of hotel accommodation


How to Apply

Send CV to

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