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Cadence Translate (“Cadence”) streams real-time translation into conference calls and livestreams. We believe that companies are inhibited from reaching their full potential because they can’t always converse with their customers, employees and partners in their native language. As a member of Cadence’s team of Project Coordinators, you have a passion for helping clients achieve great results through matchmaking and recruiting.


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Job Description



  • ●  At least 1 year of work experience (internships during college count towards this requirement)

  • ●  Awareness of major current geopolitical and business events

  • ●  Familiarity of financial concepts such as gross margin

  • ●  Strong research skills, especially the ability to identify key concepts and companies of a variety of


  • ●  Strong interpersonal communication skills to handle matchmaking in a professional, timely, and

    scalable way

  • ●  Strong English communication skills, especially the ability to summarize information in writing.

  • ●  Demonstrated history of problem solving

  • ●  Demonstrated history of user empathy


  • ●  Previous work experience in professional services

  • ●  Familiarity with Salesforce (or other major CRMs / Project Management software) a huge plus

  • ●  Familiarity with knowledge networks and market research firms a huge plus

  • ●  Active LinkedIn user

  • ●  Awareness of differences between translation, transcription and interpretation

  • ●  Curiosity about APIs


    • ●  One month probation (用期), extension of contract will be considered after a performance review at the end of the month.

    • ●  Compensation

      • ○  10,000 RMB / month (before tax)

      • ○  Quarterly commission of up to 1-5% of eligible revenue

Further explanation of this will be provided during the interview process

  • ○  Discretionary year-end bonus

  • ○  Additional bonus for optional overnight shifts

  • ○  Equity upon promotion to Client Relationship Manager

  • ●  Location: 朝阳区光

  • ●  Working hours:

    • ○  We operate the Beijing office as a 24-hour operations center for the company. It runs on three shifts, and the employee hired for the overnight shift will receive a significantly higher salary.

    • ○  Monday – Friday

      • Morning: 8am – 6pm

      • Afternoon: 4pm – 11pm

      • Overnight: 10pm – 8am

    • ○  Applicants can apply to work mornings, afternoons or overnights, with quarterly

      adjustments to different shifts to be considered based on performance. 

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How to Apply

Email your Western-style CV and LinkedIn profile to: . If you don’t have a LinkedIn profile, please create one for free at . Note that the interview process will entail spoken and written English evaluations, as well as a case study. CVs sent entirely in Chinese and/or not in a Western-style will be immediately rejected.

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