Senior Copywriter | Shenzhen Globalegrow E-commerce Co.,Ltd

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Globalegrow E-commerce was established in 2007.


Job Description

Senior copywriter

Job Responsibilities:
1.Responsible for the translation of product information, according to product highlights, title, and description;
2.Responsible for finishing and adding different hot search keywords, increasing product exposure;
3.Responsible for the synchronization of products to the website;
4.Revise and optimize product information;
5.Write blog posts and shoot short videos.

Job Requirements:
1.Language requirements: Italian, Portuguese, German, French, Russian
2.Bachelor degree or above, English CET4 or above;
3.Familiar with the fashion trend of electronic products, a strong sensitivity on selling point and text organization;
4.Good communication and teamwork skills;
5.Some experience and understanding about online shopping.


How to Apply

Follow link in description

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