EVENT INVITATION: Young Entrepreneurs of China, July 29 at 2pm

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Two years ago, it was delivery. Last year, livestreaming. This year, bike sharing. This Saturday, July 29th at 2pm, come to the Project Pengyou courtyard to hear from a panel of young social entrepreneurs as they tell you what it takes and share their stories.

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Have you ever heard of a new trend like bike-sharing companies and thought to yourself, “Could I do something like that?” If you’re wondering what it takes to join the ranks of young entrepreneurs that are flourishing in China these days, join us this Saturday, 2pm at the Project Pengyou courtyard. We will be cohosting a panel of young social entrepreneurs in Beijing with AIC Education’s China-Ghana Changemaker Program.


Location: Xiaojingchang Hutong No. 65, Gulou East Street, Dongcheng, Beijing

Date: Saturday, July 29

Time: 2pm

Price: 50 rmb (Free snacks and beverage), Free for students (student card needed) (REGISTER HERE)



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Andrew Shirman, EIS

Andrew Shirman

Andrew is the founder and the CEO of Education in Sight, and it’s partner business, Mantra glasses brand. After he graduated from Boston College, from 2010 to 2012, he served as a Teach for China Fellow in rural Yunnan where he saw the everyday struggle of his students with poor vision. Believing clear vision was something every student deserves, he brought together the resources inside his school to deliver a complete solution, one that would become Education In Sight. Andrew is also a member of Global Shapers, the World Economic Forum, and the United Nations Development Program China. 



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Christiana Zhu, Yeyo

Christiana Zhu

Christiana Zhu is the Founder and CEO of Beijing’s first dairy-free coconut yogurt brand, Yeyo. A Chinese-Kiwi who grew up in Auckland New Zealand, Christiana transitioned into entrepreneurship after a successful career in tourism marketing where she worked for New Zealand national and regional tourism boards, and was head of marketing for award-wining luxury travel company WildChina. Christiana discovered her passion for health and nutrition when she developed severe food allergies, including dairy, on her relocation to Beijing. After embarking on her own journey to mend her health through better eating, Christiana discovered how few options there were in China and became committed to bringing body and soul-enriching healthy food options to Chinese consumers.



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Thomas Talhelm, SmartAir

Thomas Talhelm

Thomas is the nerd who started Smart Air. As a Fulbright scholar during one of Beijing’s worst stretches of air pollution, he sought an affordable solution. Smart Air ships low-cost DIY air filters to people all over China to protect themselves against particulate pollution. He is a graduate of the University of Virginia, and currently serves as a professor in Chicago University’s Booth School of Business. When he’s taking a break from his air quality devices, he devotes his time to researching the cultural differences of Southern and Northern China.





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Huang Er Nuo, CareerX

Enoch Wong 黄尔诺

Enoch Wong, CareerX’s co-founder and CEO, began his global education when he left Hong Kong and his family at the age of 10 to study in the UK. Ultimately, he was nominated as a Global Shaper by the World Economic Forum (Davos), for his achievements in education with a career that spans across Europe, Asia and Africa. He received a full scholarship to study at University of Warwick, a top university in the UK, and then he further pursues his education at some of the world-renowned institutions including as an Ignite Scholar of the Stanford Center at Peking University, Harvard Business School’s HBX program, Draper University at Silicon Valley etc. In addition to hosting many leadership development trainings and conferences across 30 countries, he has also recently been invited to be a guest lecturer and the Chief Mentor of the Facebook’s “Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Insights from Silicon Valley” course at Tsinghua University. Before becoming an education entrepreneur, he enjoyed a rewarding tenure at McKinsey & Company and at EF Education First.



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Zheng Chao, Paires

Zheng Chao 郑超

Zheng Chao is the founder and the CEO of Paires, who has deep understanding of short-term rental market. In 2015, his idea won the Harvard China Forum award. After gaining experience in Draper Academy in Sillicon Valley in the summer of 2015, he went back to Beijing to start his career. In May 2016, Paires started running co-hosting, which became the very first co-hosting company in China. The company got the angel round investment in October. Now Paires.me serves the young generation to reach Co-living, Co-creating and Co-everything.




We look forward to seeing you there to hear from these inspiring young innovators! Register here to attend.

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