Project Pengyou Chapters in the News: Chapter at Binghamton University is Creating an Inclusive Space for Chinese and American Students

by Project Pengyou on May 3rd, 2017   843 views

The Project Pengyou Binghamton University Chapter was recently highlighted in their school newspaper, applauding the work the organization has done this year to create an inclusive environment for Chinese and Americans in their community.

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The Project Pengyou Binghamton University Chapter, founded only last October after Leadership Fellow Annie Newberry returned from the Leadership Training Summit at Harvard, has been off to a impressive start this year.

With only a few short semesters under their belts, the Binghamton Chapter leaders have made significant strides in building a community of Pengyous at their school. This year, the Binghamton Chapter put on a few highly successful events, and received 1st place for their efforts during both the Pengyou Day and Pay-it-Forward on Chinese New Year (PIFOCNY) National campaigns.

Recently, their impact on campus was highlighted in their school news by Chapter member Edward Kerner. Kerner explained his appreciation for the Binghamton Chapter initiatives:

“Not only does Project Pengyou have a great objective that I am glad to be a part of, but it has continued to enhance my appreciation and understanding of Chinese culture from the programs we have put on and the friendships I have made.”

We are proud of the work that the pengyous at BingU have put in this year, and we look forward to seeing how they will continue to grow in the future!

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