Can I drink the water in China?

December 29, 2014

Is Chinese water potable? Can I use it to shower/brush my teeth/wash my face, etc?

2 Answers


Short answer: no

Long answer: water is less filtered and significantly harder (higher calcium content) so most people do not drink straight from the tap. In general, boiling or buying pre-filtered water is the safest option. Many people use tap water to wash their teeth, brush their face, etc. although some people prefer to use filtered water, so those are more a result of personal preference.


Long and the short the answer is no; however, may people and I use the tap water to brush my teeth, shower and these kinds of things; however, I think it is about common sense. If you are in a first class hotel or in a restaurant with a prestigious location that is a chain, for example, then I would not worry too much.