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Full Scholarship for Chinese language to Degree Course

November 19, 2015

Hello guys,

We want to spread the good news!
Full scholarships for Chinese Language, Bachelor, Master, or PhD are open for new enrollment
Choose your major and email us at then we will help to find suitable scholarships for you

Free Chinese Language Program
Course: Chinese Language Course
Degree: Non-degree
Language: English
Key Information for Scholarship: 100% Tuition off

For more information please visit our website :
or email us at

3 Answers


Your ad does not make much sense because you say that full scholarships are available for Chinese languages and for other degrees, but then you further down just identify the scholarships only apply to the Chinese Language learning, and that it applies to non-degree seeking students.


Hello there,

Chinese Language learning is one of our scholarships and provided by ISEC (CSC). Why we only post this scholarship? Because we have more than 100++ type of scholarships and we don’t want to spam you with our ads.

Mostly foreign student want to take Chinese Language for their first year so they know daily conversation, basic Chinese, and basic Chinese culture. After finish Chinese language they can decide further plan for their education.

Yes Chinese Language learning is Non-Degree because you won’t get any degree from it, only certificate and your final result. If you want to take Bachelor, Master or PhD Degree major in Economics, Engineering or other major whether it’s in Chinese Language or English are available as well.

We provide information about other scholarships too not only Chinese Language, if you want to know other scholarships you can visit our website or email us.




where can one obtain this scholarships form or email contact to get in touch, i am waiting or email to my private inbox through this ID (