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Memorizing characters?

December 31, 2014

Does anyone have tips on the best way to memorize characters?

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Ah, the bane of many a Chinese’ students existence: 汉子

Many students find the best way to memorize characters is to simply write them over and over again. Building muscle memory can get you through an exam/quiz in a pinch!

Flashcards can also be very useful for review. Always practice directly before going to sleep because this helps your memory store things more effectively!

Although at first, it might seem like you’re throwing a lot of information into your brain and only some of it is sticking, you’re really building a strong base of knowledge for yourself! After a while, you will start to recognize sound and meaning radicals in unfamiliar characters, which will make memorizing them easier by association! That being said, you’ll want to spend a little time learning several radicals to build that base for yourself!



In my  opinions, learn Chinese characters , practice is the key, and that flashcards are helpful. Kanji characters are consisting of certain patterned parts, called 部首(bù shǒu ), You’ll realize most Kanji chracters are merely combinations of those. So memorizing 部首(bù shǒu ) will help to learn Kanji faster.