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Spring Airlines?

January 26, 2016

Hi Pengyous!

I’ve heard that there’s a discount airline called “Spring Airlines” that is super cheap, but I’ve also been told that they use planes that are about to fall apart…Has anyone tried taking it before? Any feedback?

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Ironically, I just took them for my trip to Chengdu a couple weeks ago! They are indeed super cheap and I think they’re pretty much like any other budget airline… I didn’t feel unsafe at any point (but this is the only time I’ve taken them.) The only thing is that they like to give long presentations over the loudspeaker about sales/deals they have going on during the flight, and also flight attendants will randomly lead a little in-seat exercise routine towards the end of the flight… so it’s a little noisy at those times and not conducive to sleep or anything haha. But basically it was fine.