Where can I find this book in Beijing?

February 17, 2016

Hi new guy here, not new to China just to this site, does anyone know where I can find this book in Beijing?     China and the west: Hope and fear in the age of Asia.      Every time I order something from Amazon or elsewhere outside, customs either sends it back or holds it for a month or more…

i reside in Shunyi “Lao Wai town” but can go into town if it’s there

3 Answers


Thanks, yes I will give Bookworm a ring and see. Otherwise I’ll go hunting on a day when I have some time (and my car’s not restricted). I’ll ring Page One too.  I looked in Roundabout last week, no luck.



Having lived here for a number of years, I would say that if it is not available online in China (e.g. on, JD, or Alibaba) then there’s a pretty strong chance that it is not sold in China. You could certainly try the Bookworm or other places that were suggested, but I never found a book in one of those shops that was not available online. In fact, quite the opposite, the internet had a greater selection. I’m not sure if there is any system or reason as to which books are selected to be sold and available in China and which are not. Anyway, if you have any specific questions, please let me know.


Thanks,  Yeah I’ve been here since the 90s myself but I loathe online shopping and the effect it is having on the small shop owners.  I prefer to shop in person and for paper books. Call me old fashioned…       I had hoped maybe someone might have seen the book in a shop somewhere plus its good to get conversations going.  I’m headed to the States for a couple days next week,  I may see if I can pick it up there and drag it back.

Plus I’ve had books (titles that were in no way provocative or non-pc) turned back at customs more than once that I ordered through Amazon so I prefer to avoid the headaches.

As for the system, I’m sure the powers that be have a list of approved authors/titles to work from that they give to the sellers.