A Story by Walter Nash

外国 Street Food Vendors in Shanghai

posted on July 12th, 2013   1260 views


For our Issues in Contemporary Society Class Capstone project a friend and I decided to take to the 路上 and become street food vendors.  Being well cultured Americans we decided to sell what we know best ~ hamburgers.  Getting our supplies from no where else but Wal-mart (like true patriots) we set out to compete with other vendors outside Fudan University’s gates.  Knowing first hand how delicious and inexpensive our competitor’s snacks were, we knew it wouldn’t be easy selling our hambaobaos.  

However, with the help of lots of friends ~ including the help of our Italian friends who “know food” and “promise if you eat our hamburgers you will wake up tomorrow morning happy” ~ we were able to turn strange stares into buying customers.  With our country music and lil’ wayne only playlist our customers were given a complete taste of the red white and blue.  In the end we were able to make it 下雨 ~ while also having a great time. 

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