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Bread Guy and Noodle Lady

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One of my favorite things about being in Shanghai was the food. The taste, the ease of access, the selection, and the price, definitely the price. Although it was always advised that you don’t partake in the “street food” that you find in places like this because of the possible unsanitary conditions, the street food was some of the best food I had during my stay. Not only was the food flavorful and fresh, it was extremely cheap. The two go-to people to get food were the people who we named “Bread Guy” and “Noodle Lady.”

Bread Guy sold a type of scallion pancake with different variations of flavor. For about $0.25USD, you could get enough to sustain you in a cross city trip. For about $1USD you could get enough to feed yourself for the entire day. The combination of price and accessibility made it constant in my diet while in Shanghai.

Noodle Lady was a small noodle cart that would park itself outside of my apartment almost every night. For about $1USD you could get a large bowl of either soup noodles, pan-fried or any variety along with different spices and vegetables to go with it. I probably could have eaten there over 30 times without eating the same thing twice. 

Coming back to America, and New Jersey more specifically where everything you want to eat is well over a mile away, it became a constant struggle of being hungry and not wanting to drive to get food and wishing it would just be downstairs from my house. I remember the weeks after just talking to the people who I studied with and reminiscing about the food and how we would love to go back just to eat again. Every meal was one of the most memorable meals of my life.

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