OPPORTUNITY: The APSA China Scholar’s Program for high school students is now accepting applications!

by Project Pengyou on December 5th, 2016   883 views

Apply between December 1st and January 15th to become an APSA Scholar!

We are happy to share with high school Pengyous this wonderful opportunity to study abroad. Americans Promoting Study Abroad (APSA) is an excellent program, and we are proud to have several APSA alumni among our Project Pengyou Leadership Fellows cohorts!

Read on for more information about APSA and how to apply:

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The APSA China Scholar’s Program isn’t your typical study abroad or language­ immersion program. APSA provides scholarships to high school students to give them the chance to gain valuable international experience and life skills. Our scholarship program challenges individuals through student-led language and cultural immersion activities while exposing students to a range of exciting careers. We are looking for students like you to join our global education program this summer.

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APSA also offers partial scholarships!

Interested in becoming an APSA Scholar?

The first step is to apply online. Selected students are awarded scholarships and granted acceptance into our global education program.

We look for students who wish to:

  • Gain exposure to professional change­-makers working in a range of exciting careers
  • Navigate and explore key historical sites in one of the world’s most vibrant cities
  • Experience living and studying on an international university campus
  • Develop confidence using Mandarin and immerse in local Chinese culture
  • Belong to a community of over 400 alumni located both stateside and abroad
  • Learn about the world through valuable first­hand experience


About APSA

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APSA is a non­profit organization focused on providing global education scholarships to high school students. We believe that American youth should have access to a global education and we strive to make studying abroad more accessible. We select youth from all backgrounds based on their values and willingness to challenge themselves.

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