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by Project Pengyou on March 2nd, 2011   3469 views

The results are in! 9/10 Pengyous had experiences in China that dramatically changed their lives, and 9/10 Pengyous would recommend studying in China to a friend.

Do you feel that living or studying in China dramatically changed your life?

Was your time in China an overall positive experience?

Here at Project Pengyou, we know how important and worthwhile your China experiences are to you. But how we do we tell those who haven’t been to China, nor experienced being at the front-lines?

Project Pengyou wants to hear your voice in a survey of all Americans who have lived or studied in China.

We’ll publish the results of this survey in a Project Pengyou book, which will be presented to U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at the next US-China Strategic and Economic Dialogues!

Why take the survey? Because your voice is critical to the future of US-China exchange programs. Ten times more Chinese students come to the U.S. to study than Americans who study in China. We need help to shift this imbalance – including more private-sector philanthropic support to fund more U.S.-China educational programs. They need to know just how valuable the US-China experience is and your voice can make a difference!

So take the survey here and JIA YOU!


The Results are in!

Thank you to all who participated in our survey. Sharing these results and your stories will help to spread the word about studying in China and why we should all be Pengyous!

ppy survey results

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