Protect Your Lungs and Look Good Doing It

If you live in Beijing, you’re probably familiar with the smog that has made wearing air-filter masks a necessity on bad days. But did you imagine that these masks would become a fashion trend?

California-based Vogmask plans to turn these commonplace accessories into something that models will wear down the catwalk, fusing the functionality of hardcore face masks with the fun designs of cheaper masks sold in street stalls. The masks range from 180 to 225 yuan ($29 to $36) and come in a variety of patterns.

Tech in Asia asked the designers how they felt about pollution masks becoming both a necessary evil and a fashion accessory in China:

“Back in 1952 when London had the Great Smog, there was an estimated of 12,000 fatalities. We are very fortunate enough to be in this time where we are educated and have the technology available that wearing a mask can protect you from harmful particles. To tackle this modern day issue, a fashionable accessory that encourages people to be more aware of their health can only lead to positive results. It’s fashionable to protect your health!”

There’s no doubt that Vogmasks are protective. In fact, they’re able to filter out nearly all the harmful particulate matter in the air.

So, what color is your Vogmask?