Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What is Project Pengyou?

Project Pengyou is a global online community of Americans who have lived and studied in China. The website will feature ways for the community to share their China stories, and help individual members strengthen connections, forge new networks, develop career opportunities, share insights, expand knowledge and enrich their China experiences.

Project Pengyou is the alumni network of Obama’s 100,000 Strong Initiative and seeks to be a catalyst for strengthening US-China, people-to-people connections.

In the future Project Pengyou plans to evolve into social and professional networking opportunities for Chinese citizens that study or have studied in America.

Q: Why did you name it “Project Pengyou”?

“Pengyou” means friend in Mandarin Chinese. Chinese people often refer to Americans as their “Meiguo Pengyou” (American friend).  The site will encourage constructive and amiable relations between Americans and Chinese.

Q: What is the relationship between Project Pengyou and the 100,000 Strong Initiative?

The 100,000 Strong Initiative is a government-driven program, but not a government funded program. Project Pengyou is supported by and highlighted as the alumni network for the 100,000 Strong Initiative, but it is not government controlled nor government funded. The government seeks to develop key public-private partnerships to take action towards fulfilling its missions. Project Pengyou—an independent nonprofit initiative—is an important part of collective action under the umbrella of the 100,000 Strong Initiative.

Q: What is the role of the Golden Bridges Foundation in this project?

The core mission of the Golden Bridges Foundation is to enhance mutual understanding and cooperation between China and the United States through charitable projects. As such, the director of the 100,000 Strong Initiative requested for Golden Bridges to build the alumni network site to serve Americans who have lived and studied in China. Golden Bridges will develop the alumni site as an independent nonprofit program aligned with the missions of both Golden Bridges and the 100,000 Strong Initiative.

Q: What is your relationship with the US government?

Project Pengyou is not government funded. Moreover, Golden Bridges maintains full ownership and control of the site.  However, the project is encouraged and showcased by the US government as a solution for its 100,000 Strong Initiative.

Q: What is your relationship with the Chinese government?

The Chinese government fully encourages and supports the 100,000 Strong Initiative. As a partner for the 100,000 Strong Initiative, Project Pengyou plans to support its programs aimed at increasing people-to-people exchanges between the United States and China, but it will operate as an independent, privately funded program.