World’s Most Collaborated Art Book to Help Build Art School in Mongolia

Different cultures around the world are all tied together by a common thread: classic tales that shaped our childhoods. The little girl with the blue dress falling down the rabbit hole was most certainly one of them. Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, written in 1885, is a classic example of an internationally recognized literary masterpiece. In honor of its 150th anniversary, the 150Alice project put together possibly the World’s most collaborated art book. The book is being sold on Indiegogo and all of proceeds raised from sales will go toward building an art program for school children in Mongolia.

150Alice Book Size

Every other page is illustrated by one of the 150 artists. The artists come from 42 different countries and all contributed their labor to this campaign. To raise funds, 150Alice is selling their work of art in various forms — such as hardcover, audiobook and PDF. Users also have the option to donate amounts between $1 to $10,000 to support the cause.

150Alice Cover

150Alice’s campaign aims to further Carroll’s passion for encouraging art and creativity in children. The 150Alice team hopes to “add colour to the lives and communities” of Mongolian children who otherwise would not have the chance or means to learn skills such as basic drawing, painting, or even traditional Mongolian wood sculpting.



It’s only a week and the Indiegogo campaign has raised $17,920 USD from 152 people from all over the world, a number that is steadily rising. With 34 days of the campaign left to go, we are hopeful that this initiative will be successful in its endeavor. Scan the QR code below or check out Indiegogo to learn more about the cause and donate!